Soulja Boy is speaking on the lack of support he sees from the hip-hop community for Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper jumped on Instagram Live and shared his feelings about the trial’s outcome and how his fellow artists have treated the Houston hottie.

He addressed the victim shaming directed toward the Houston-born rapper over the 2020 shooting ordeal.

As Vibe reports, he began his outrage with, “Yall n****s out here shooting b*****s and ain’t nobody gone say nothing? I’m the only n***a in the whole rap game that’s gonna say something? Ok, cool.”

He ensured the target of his rant was apparent, as he went on to call Tory Lanez a “b***h.”

In a separate Live, Soulja continued to direct his anger toward Lanez as he called the Toronto native’s music “trash.”

“You want to shoot b*****s in the feet n***a? Yous a pussy n***a,” he said. “And when you get from jail n***a you know where I’m at. You got a problem n***a I’ll beat your b***h ass n***a. Don’t never rap over none of my beats, don’t never freestyle over none of my beats. You trash n***a. Your music trash. Your career trash. Your whole life trash.”

Although Big Draco seemed sincere in the clip, fans questioned if this was an attempt at clout chasing.

HipHopDX shared the passionate clip in case fans missed it.

Some agreed with the rapper, but several followers said this sudden burst of support seemed late.

And perhaps fake?

Some social media sleuths hinted at the rapper’s hypocrisy by digging up his allegedly abusive past with former partner Nia Riley.


Blavity reported that Nia’s father, R&B legend Teddy Riley, addressed his daughter’s chaotic relationship with the rapper.



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