Rapper Soulja Boy, arguably one of Gucci's most loyal customers, announced that he plans to distance himself from the brand, including removing its recognizable logo from his face.

As Blavity previously reported, Gucci came under fire on Thursday after the Italian clothing line listed a turtleneck on its website which was a rendition of the blackface character Sambo. The company immediately removed the item and subsequently issued an apology. However, the damage had already been done. 

Soon after, celebrities such as T.I and Waka Flocka Flame called on the Black community to boycott Gucci and other high-end labels accused of using blackface to sell a product. Instead, the two rappers encouraged fans to use their hard-earned coins on Black-owned businesses. 

Like several other Black figureheads, the "Crank That" rapper has continuously purchased articles of clothing from Gucci. According to TMZ, Soulja announced on Saturday that he would separate himself from the brand on Saturday, making the bold claim as he was leaving the Fendi store in Beverly Hills. 

"I love Gucci, man. I got a Gucci tattoo in the middle of my forehead," Young Drako told prying reporters. When asked what he would do with the permanent ink tatted across his face, Soulja added he's already visited a clinic to start the process.

"I've already started the process. I've got to go back two more times. I've already been three times," he divulged.

As for the "hundreds of dollars" he's already invested in the company's products, Soulja said he plans to donate his used threads to charity.

However, it seems like there is something Gucci could do to win back Soulja's favor. 

"Cut that check, cousin" the Chicago native said. "And give me a formal apology. A personal apology."

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