Walter MosleySpike has announced a new slate of "big and bold original" scripted series, which the network is putting into development for upcoming seasons.

“Our slate is indicative of our goal to be a network that creates high-quality and dynamic scripted entertainment with a distinctive edge and point of view,” said Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President, Original Series, Spike.

Of note is a project that hails from author Walter Mosley, titled "Mr. In Between," which will be based on a short story by the acclaimed novelist that follows the adventures of a high-stakes courier who traffics sensitive information between people for whom privacy is a matter of life and death. Mosley along with business partner Diane Houslin, will serve as producers.

Recall that, in 2012, Mosley teamed up with TV series and documentary producer Houslin to launch a new production company called B.O.B. Filmhouse (Best of Brooklyn Filmhouse), with the goal being to play an "active role" in the adaptation of his novels into films and TV series.

The pair have a history together – specifically, they met while Houslin worked at HBO, when the network adapted Mosley’s novel "Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned," starring Laurence Fishburne.

B.O.B. Filmhouse has had several projects in development, which we’ve covered on S&A, that either never found TV homes or that we just haven’t heard anything about since they were initially announced, like:

– A series for NBC centered on Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins which the network eventually passed on.

– Mosley also had a deal in place with HBO, for his Leonid McGill series – the New York City private investigator – starting with the first book in the series titled, "The Long Fall." No word on where that stands; it’s been 3 years since the initial revelation.

– TNT once ordered a pilot episode of Mosley’s Fearless Jones series of novels, with plans for an eventual TV series; that was also at least 3 years ago, but no word on what happened. TNT likely passed on it as well. 

– There was also news of Mosley’s B.O.B. Filmhouse being in "active talks" to develop a project with Don Cheadle’s Crescendo Productions. But we never learned what that project was, and haven’t heard anything about it further.

– And lastly, most recently, B.O.B. Filmhouse, in association with Carol Polakoff Productions (CPPI), was said to be developing a feature film based on Mosley’s psychological thriller "Man In My Basement," with Anthony Mackie in talks to star at the time of the announcement (also 2 to 3 years ago). Mosley was said to be co-writing the screenplay with Cheo Hodari Coker ("Southland"). No word on where that currently stands.

So clearly there’s interest in Mosley’s work, given all of the above; but, for some reason, it’s apparently been a struggle getting each project to the screen. Although some of them might still be in development, and we’ll know more in time. 

Let’s hope this new Spike TV project doesn’t get stuck in Limbo.

The rest of the network’s announced slate additions follow, via press release:

BAD MEDICINE: This psychological horror series centers on a man in pain who is miraculously cured by a brilliant but unconventional doctor who specializes in clinical trials. The man goes all out to help this doctor find more breakthrough cures, only to realize that there are deadly consequences to the work the doctor does.  Aaron Mendelsohn serves as writer, Nick Hamm as Executive Producer and Momentum TV as producers.

HUMMEL & HOWE: Set in the late 19th century Gilded Age in New York City, this series showcases the wild cases and lives of William Howe and Abraham Hummel — two criminals desperate to escape their past who become the greatest criminal defense attorneys in American history.  “Hummel & Howe” is written by Andy Bellin, and produced by Scott Aversano and Tom Gormican of Additional Dialogue and Endemol Shine Studios.

SECRET AMERICA: Set in the near future, this series explores a society where the threat of terrorism has turned the US government into an autocratic state.  The show will chronicle the lives of one family as they fight for survival in a world where everyone is watched and no one can be fully trusted, and where patriotism is demanded, not earned.  Alcon Television group President, Sharon Hall serves as Executive Producer, Josh Goldin and Rachel Abramowitz as writers and Jaume Collet-Serra as director.  Alcon Entertainment co-founders and co-CEO’s Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson also serve as Executive Producers on this series.

WORLD WAR III: As the world’s geopolitical balance shifts and the next global conflict explodes, America’s Heartland will become Occupied Territory.  One man with a troubled past will galvanize a Resistance movement, calling upon ordinary citizens to become the extraordinary heroes of WWIII. Series is produced by Benay Bros. and Bad Hat Harry.  Series is Executive Produced by Bryan Singer and written by creators Aaron & Matthew Benay.