Why are we still trying to be hoodrich?

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| July 21 2016,

10:30 am

Trying to look cute for one another for no other reason than some vapid attempt at social status is cancelled.

You can stop spending money you don't have.

The thing is, we all want to look good. We all want to feel good. We all want to have things. And what this boils down to is long-term planning and discipline. I totally get the psychology behind having nothing for so long that when you finally DO get something, you want to floss. You must stunt. Stuntin' is a habit. But it's a bad habit that can keep us in a position of disenfranchisement. So, although we fight the good fight to break down the systemic and institutional barriers that were built for our detriment and destruction, we can also fight the war with ourselves that says we have to "keep up." Being hoodrich is played. In the epic words of Queen Bey, "don't play yourself."

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