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Everyday we're constantly aware of our station in life. Wondering if our position is a permanent destination or a stepping-stone. Each day passes with new problems a daily grind. Grinding for the ability to maintain funds, remain sane and explore future endeavors.

Our heroes are dying, things aren’t changing fast enough and we're in a new decade. It seems like our goals are always far! But when we reevaluate ourselves, we’ll notice that we’re almost there.

Yes, it always seems like there’s another roadblock but we’re almost there.

Consider this before you stress over your future: You accomplished something.

Remember where you started? How you’ve transitioned from college graduate to young professional, amateur to expert, rookie to veteran? You’ve elevated to somebody better. Your mental health is better. You’re a better steward of finances and relationships. You’ve accomplished something.

Although the goal seems far, remember that you’re almost there. All you need is one more opportunity, another resource, a new friend and a little time. When insecurities pop up and desires seem to fade away, remember you’re closer to the next step than you could ever imagine. You have the tools to accomplish another goal; it’s already in you.

Your gift makes room for you and brings you before great people. If you keep moving, keep striving and keep believing, then doors will open. The stress of yesterday will seem insignificant. Anointed opportunities will collapse at your feet. Dreams are accomplished by completing one step at a time. The goal you’re thinking about is obtainable because you have what it takes. You’re almost there.

A lot of times we agonize over our goals and stress over our struggles, while failing to recognize how close we really are. In 2020, we cannot allow frustrations to cloud judgement. Although everything isn’t where it should, we must recognize that our goals are obtainable and we’re almost there. It may not always seem like it, but it’s true.