Have you ever been talking to a romantic interest, and then they ghost you out of nowhere? Yeah, us neither.

In a now viral clip of a resurfaced interview, SZA stepped out of her weekend role and into that of a relationship counselor. The singer questioned her past reactions to being ignored for days by those she connected with, saying while the person’s actions may initially hurt, the intent to harm isn’t always there. It's unclear as to when the interview took place. 

“What do I know of him?” SZA asked people to consider. “He’s expressing he likes me; he’s expressing he thinks I’m beautiful; he’s expressed that he’s thinking about me. What else do I know about him? … He’s never done anything to harm me.”

The 28-year-old also considered the love interest’s work ethic and ambition. He might be busy or dealing with things, which could keep him from responding…for days. 

“The entitlement of feeling like, ‘this n***a got 15 minutes; where is the bubble on my phone?…,’ that’s what kills relationships and joy in life,” SZA pushed forward. “You’re expecting too much.”

Are women expecting too much? Or is it manipulative to arrive in someone’s life, play with their feelings and leave? Fans are not so convinced by Dr. Solána Imani Rowe. 

If he's communicating consistently then goes ghost for days, I have a right to be annoyed and wonder why he's not responding. I don't have to assume the worst but I wonder what's wrong.— Black Beauty (@Steel_Cage_Mind) December 20, 2018

It’s been over 2 days. He’s just not that into you. If he is busy he can just let you know that he has a lot going on so he’ll get back to you later. But just going radio silent for 2 days is messed up pic.twitter.com/FrUHs2NNd3— Kiddo (@pistachio88) December 20, 2018

It's not even entitlement, just accountability. You can't get someone invested months and casually ghost them for days as if that's normal.— V•N•O (@StarStruckAJ) December 20, 2018

She made a whole album about being a pick me so I'm not surprised.— Bonafide (@Carpe_Diem69) December 20, 2018

Nah fam if you can ignore me in two days you can continue , it’s all about communication if you don’t communicate you need some time to yourself or you’re going to be busy then it’s a dubb for me— Melly???????? (@_YaFavAquarius) December 20, 2018

As if it's THAT hard to send a quick message saying "Hey, I'm mad busy, I'll text you when I can?" There's entitlement, and then there's literally having enough respect for yourself to know what you're being messed around and deserve better.— ???????????????? (@rorym888) December 20, 2018

it takes 15 seconds to text someone – Sorry we haven't been speaking as much as I wanted to, i've been busy with work/school but I can't wait to spend time with you when am done. …No one is that busy to not be able to send a text pic.twitter.com/f1KEqghFEn— ???????????????????????? (@MericaJoon) December 20, 2018

I hear u girl. But you giving me ur man is my man vibes. First of all I wait more than a couple of days and never get a text back from the ones I really want so can’t relate. I understand being busy and all that but niggaz be on they phone non stop. They ignoring you ???????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/0crHiAJAJz— Sun Dye 6th Sun (@RenaissanceBum) December 20, 2018

I wish y’all would just admit you’re just not that into the people you do this to instead of trying to act like it’s normal lmfao.— Swervo???? (@porsche323) December 20, 2018

Moral of the story you can only push me away for so long until I go the opposite way ???????????????????? pic.twitter.com/wSt7NOXnKi— Sun Dye 6th Sun (@RenaissanceBum) December 20, 2018

What do you think? 

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