You come home from work or school after a long day only to realize that your keys are lost, or mistakenly left inside your home, and your door is locked. For some, this could be an anxiety-provoking moment filled with uncertainty. For others, this could trigger paralyzing concerns that a police encounter is imminent, if someone calls and tells the police that a suspicious person is lurking around outside a home in the neighborhood. How would you feel if this happened to you?

This is just one example of a problem that has existed for decades, but where property technology (“PropTech” for short) offers a promising technological remedy that can reduce the likelihood of having negative societal interactions, caused either by misunderstandings or by far more problematic reasons.

Keyless biometric and digital door entry are innovative PropTech solutions, with no more worries or anxiety surrounding the lost key. However, can PropTech pioneers develop answers to even thornier societal issues? The answer is quite encouraging.

PropTech, as an industry, utilizes emerging technologies to enhance the experience of managing, designing and operating real estate, and offers several solutions for addressing challenges encountered in society today. Today, PropTech can be used as a force for good to create positive societal change, thus promoting social harmony.