As many are aware, the protests in Baltimore in reaction to the murder of Freddie Gray  have reached a boiling point over the past few days. What this era allows for is the shaping of the narrative by people who are on the ground, living the experience. While television news is covering this as it unfolds, we believe that getting the news that you can from people actually on the ground is a more effective use of following the protests as they progress. Needless to say, we stand with the protesters in Baltimore and encourage them to stay safe, take care of themselves, and each other. Below are twitter accounts of users who are on the ground, and tweeting updates:



1.) Paul Gardner (@paulmgardner)

2.) Baynard Woods (@baynardwoods)

3.) Balto Spectator (BaltoSpectator)

4.) Baltimore BLOC (@BmoreBloc)

5.) Justin George (@justingeorge)

6.) Justin Fenton (@justin_fenton)

7.) Cassandra Rules (@CassandraRules)

8.) Erica Green (@EricaLG)

9.) Joel Anderson (@byjoelanderson)



Live updates with links to live streams, further suggested Twitter accounts to follow and Jail Support Contact info here

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