After her weekend one performance at Coachella, people are still coming off the high that was to date one of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's most show-stopping performances.

In her over two-decade-long career, she has earned the label of a trailblazer. Despite haters’ reluctance to declare her the greatest of all time, it's evident in her stage presence, her interviews, and her inspirational words of tenacity that her work ethic is far beyond that of nearly any living musician.

Here are eight BEY-attitudes for us to live by that is bound to snatch wigs and souls in nearly any hustle, like our Queen Bey.

1. BEY for the culture

Her Beychella performance alone was adorned with an abundance of nods to black cultural references.

From remixing her songs with hip hop classics to the lyrical dancers who performed to Nina Simone’s 1954 version of “Lilac Wine.” May we not forget that she did the incomparable Etta James justice in her role in "Cadillac Records," and sung the National Anthem at former President Barack Obama’s 2013 inauguration.

Even if you are not in a creative field, there's always an opportunity to rep your roots.

2. BEY unapologetic

She made every black person proud of the classic "Formation" lyric: "Hot sauce in her bag." Let's also never forget her Black Panther-themed Super Bowl halftime show. It's without question that Beyoncé is unapologetically black and unapologetically woman.

Bey's successes are the receipts that you do not have to censor your creative license or compromise your identity to appeal to the masses. Speak up, deliver a message in a way that only you can, and use your platform to elevate the voiceless on important issues.

3. BEY a team player

Beyoncé does not shy away from sharing the spotlight.

From bringing new acts to make a name for themselves on her tours, such as the Les Twins, to mentoring proteges Chloe x Halle to hiring countless talent to be apart of her masterpieces to pledging grants and scholarships to HBCU prospective students, Beyoncé teaches the world that you should never pass up the chance to be a stepping stool for those around you.

4. BEY a striver of excellence

It has been said that Beyoncé is a perfectionist, and her work ethic shows. She is single-handedly involved in every aspect of her career, from Parkwood Entertainment to Ivy Park to her charity organization BeyGood.

She demonstrates how to "twirl on dem haters" who say something is impossible. Her flawless outdoing of herself at every turn goes to show that the only person in the way of us reaching our dreams is ourselves.

5. BEY the writer of your own narrative

Often times, art imitates life and if done tactfully it can make you some coin. Beyoncé used her pain onslaught by Jay-Z's infidelity as an opportunity to make beautiful art.

She expressed her experience in a vulnerable, yet, strong way and gave fans some of the music best of her career thus far. She hasn't fallen victim to the tabloids, writing songs where she's able to express her experiences on her own terms. 

Everyone has trauma or pain that can be used to write the next best-selling novel, create Oscar-worthy movies, or be shared as a testimony for other people going through something similar.

6. BEY humble

Beyoncé stays out of squabbles with other artists or public figures. She takes the time out of her performances to thank her loved ones, fans, and, most importantly, the women who came before her.  

People often fail to display humility when checking off accomplishments. However, like Beyoncé reminds us, there's always someone who did it first or paved the way so that we may be able to do the same for someone else.

7. BEY patient

In 2017, Beyoncé was scheduled to perform at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival but after becoming pregnant with twins Rumi and Sir, the 22-time Grammy-winning artist had to decline.

Instead of being discouraged or impatient, Beyoncé took the time to dream of her performance on an even larger scale, she told the crowd at Coachella 2018. Through her successful career, Beyoncé has demonstrated the essence of trusting your journey and using the waiting period to not become weary but to instead dream big.

8. BEY a peacemaker, not a peacekeeper

In an Instagram post by her mother, Tina Lawson, she stated that she told Beyoncé she was worried that her ideas for her Coachella performance would go over the heads of many of the white festival-goers. Beyoncé’s awe-inspiring response resonated loud and clear:

“I have a responsibility to do what is best for the world and not what is most popular.”

If we wish to see a change in the world, we must not do what is the status quo, but what is right — controversial or not.

The Beyhive will be buzzing to see how Queen Bey will top her weekend one performance in her second set of Coachella. She will take the stage again as headliner Saturday.