Plant-based feminine care company The Honey Pot has been under fire as users complain about changes to some of the brand’s beloved products. As Blavity previously reported, rumors that Beatrice Dixon, the company’s founder and CEO, sold the company sparked as fans expressed their disdain for the brand’s new formulas. Now, Dixon is finally addressing the rumors.

Dixon opened up about the social media backlash in an emotional video posted to The Honey Pot Company’s official Instagram account. She let viewers know that she didn’t sell the brand, contrary to chatter online, and she assured users that the changes were necessary, and are still safe and gentle to use on genital areas.

She started off by introducing herself, and explaining that she would never use her “likeness or her face” nor give “all the blood, sweat and tears” she’s put into The Honey Pot if she “wasn’t still here.”

“I want to talk about three things today,” she said, reading a letter that she told viewers she wrote. “Number one, The Honey Pot is still owned by my brother, myself and our team. Number two, we have updated the wash formula for good reason. I’ll explain some of the new ingredients, but I also acknowledge that we should have shared more communication about the updates.”

The third point Dixon articulated to viewers was that she’s a “human and this brand is me, through and through.”

She also talked about changes to the vaginal washes’ formulas.

“We have evolved our washes,” she explained. “What we have not done is compromise what matters, which is being plant-derived, being pH balanced and being backed by science. I assure you that this formula is what it was designed to be, which is safe, beautiful and even more effective.”

Dixon promised that the brand will share educational content from experts explaining how the new formula for the vaginal washes is similar to the old ones. She also promised to explain why the branding changed and answer users’ other questions.

She described in detail one added ingredient that made users particularly upset: phenoxyethyl.

“Phenoxyethyl is actually the alternative to parabens and is widely used within clean skin care products,” she explained. “A product has to be safe for years of use, and I assure you this is the root of the changes.”

She also explained that the apple cider vinegar used in the formula is still organic, and the use of purified water is a standard manufacturing process. Dixon also mentioned that the company has put in “millions of dollars in clinical research,” to ensure its formulas are safe and effective.

The Honey Pot founder ended the video teary-eyed, asserting, again, that she loves the brand and its users.

“We are here for you and your comments and concerns,” she said. “I love you from the bottom of my soul and I am grateful. Thank you.”