Some people on social media are really trying to push the idea that the National Anthem protests are about the flag or the military. To support those efforts, an image of the Seattle Seahawks and their coaches burning the American flag in the locker room recently started circulating on social media. The only problem: the photo is a fake and obviously photoshopped.

They really tried it, but they missed the mark by a long shot. One Twitter user, who said she's done with the NFL anyway, still pointed out the fact that the photo was obviously doctored.

The original photo was taken by Rod Mar with the Seahawks and shows the victory dance the team does after a win. The team posted the photo on its official Twitter account in January 2016.

As of Saturday morning, the Seahawks hadn't released a statement about the fake photo, but have made it very clear about where they stand when it's time to protest and take action by creating an action fund in an effort to create change.