Twitter is full of one-of-a-kind jokes, pure creativity and irreplaceable banter, and refuses to fail us with these gems week-after-week.

In this episode of what-are-those-Black-folks-talking-about, the best of the best share everything from the royal family's scandalous messiness to an inanimate version of Tisha Campbell and the easiest way to get kicked out of a library. Here are the tweets of the week. 

While it is only speculated that Prince William cheated on his wife, Twitter certainly took off their best earrings to defend Meghan Markle from the British media.

When out with a sibling, always be wary of public embarrassment.

When your Black translator completely chops up your message.

Black Game Of Thrones fans deserves their own message board.

Leave it up to the little ones to show adults how to embrace one another.

Sometimes you gotta go low to go high. Trump Town could never! 

Sis out here doing the work of the Beyhive's lord.

When your friends are also your greatest haters. Who can't relate?

This Beyoncé doppelgänger confused so many online, we had to make a separate post.


When that old-time '90s theme show jam comes back on.

Clearly, Marvel fans a'int nothing to.. with!

Did it have to be done? It did.

Seriously, we've got nothing but love for you. Keep on keeping on and acting up!

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