The levity from Joy Behar’s pink blazer from earlier in the week is gone and the anger is back at The View. Of course, the argument involves Alyssa Farah Griffin. The topic: where states’ rights come into play regarding abortion.

According to Decider, the panel talked about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bizarre call for a federal ban on abortion at 15 weeks. Griffin tried to assert that the states should be the ones to decide these types of restrictions and called Graham’s actions as “completely rogue.”

"Let states make that decision," she said as Goldberg responded, "How about let women make that decision? To hell with the states!"

Sunny Hostin also talked about how the states’ rights argument doesn’t hold water. She said arguing for states to decide big issues hasn’t “really worked out for the rest of the country because states’ rights mean Black kids and white kids went to different schools and states’ rights meant that Black people couldn’t marry white people.”

She added that the argument doesn't work because it assumes that people will "be good and do the right thing."

“[T]hat doesn’t necessarily happen with your party,” Hostin told Griffin. Griffin responded, “Isn’t there not really any more direct representation than your state representatives? You elect them to represent your viewpoints.”

Goldberg had the last say, countering Griffin's point by implying that state representatives did take part in limiting states' rights.

“We did [vote] and they did and they made a law. And now y’all went around and decided because your religious fervor got you crazy…Listen, I believe in life. I’m not anti-life. I’ve never been anti-life. I’m anti-people putting their fingers in other people’s business. I am incensed that this is something that people really thought they should do without doing the homework and finding out what it means.”

Griffin tried to counter with an argument about how for some, the debate is "ethical, moral" and "scientific" in nature, not just spiritual.

But Goldberg again asked, “Then why are we letting the federal government or our governments decide?”

The View‘s focus on politics is only set to increase the closer we get to the midterms. So prepare for more arguments about big, overarching issues.

Watch part of the discussion below: