Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin get into a skirmish on The View as the panel discuss the attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But Navarro makes the point that as much as it’s wrong for anyone to try to attack a public official, the urging for legislation isn’t as swift as it should be for victims of gun violence, particularly the 19 children and two adults who were killed in Uvalde, TX.

According to Decider, Navarro commented on the incident, saying that Americans “should be worried about the Supreme Court, and we should condemn, and not condone any violence against any public official, whether we agree with them or not.”

"It shouldn't just be the Supreme Court. There's also federal judges," she continued. "There was one in New Jersey, Esther Salas, whose son got killed, and she's pushing her own legislation."

Hostin interjected to contradict House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s insistence on Congress passing legislation to protect judges. She said, “Justice Sotomayor was threatened right after that judge’s son was murdered, and you didn’t hear about Mitch McConnell wanting to pass any legislation then. So let’s remember that that wasn’t a direct result. Let’s put it all in perspective.”

Navarro replied that the fact that an attack could occur to any judge is why condemning violence "against any public official" is important.

“But what we don’t agree on,” Navarro continued, “and what I want to know is, how come the reaction is an immediate call for legislation but our children get thoughts and prayers?”

"She also said regarding the Republican insistence that mass shootings come from lack of prayer in school, "If prayer prevents mass shootings, then how come people are getting killed in churches?…What do you say to that?"

The View has been addressing gun violence extensively after the Uvalde massacre. Overall, the panel agrees that Congress should pass common sense gun reform.

Watch the clip below: