The View‘s Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar sparred with Lindsay Granger over recent Republican actions, including the Texas GOP talking about secediing.

During Tuesday’s panel about the Texas Republican’s extreme platform, which includes discussion about the state seceding from the United States and staunch refusals of gun reform, same sex marriage, and Joe Biden’s presidency, Granger claimed that despite what most of the panel thinks, the Texas platform is an exception to the Republican party.

“This is not indicative of the entire Republican Party, so I get frustrated,” she said, according to Decider. “[The] Texas GOP is not indicative of the entire Republican party.”

"Some of these things, like saying the election is not real, seceding from the union, these are all ridiculous statements and not what people stand behind," she continued.

“So I don’t think that that is what the party is running on. I don’t think that when you look at everything that the party supports that you support everything that Joe Biden does. Do you support how he behaved with Anita Hill? Do you support what he did with the crime bill? No.”

Her response was after Sunny Hostin said, "We know that that is basically the Republican platform, and if that is what you're supportive of, then you vote Republican."

“If you’re interested in the Affordable Care Act, if you’re interested in universal pre-K, if you’re interested in lowering inflation, if you’re interested in healthcare, eldercare, then you vote Democrat,” she continued.

And when Behar said that the current issue isn't with Biden's past political behavior, Granger countered, "Okay, but there are Republicans that are working hard to do things for right now, like save kids in schools…universally, we support background checks. Universally, 70 percent of Americans support gay marriage."

Hostin said that while that might be true, “Republican senators will never vote for” any of those topics. But Granger testily said, “We’re we’re supporting background checks and we’re taking steps because like we said the other day, we’re not going to let perfect be the enemy of good. We have good gun reform on the table with red flag laws and background checks that is supported, and so we should start with that.”

Granger got even more frustrated when Hostin said that Republicans are supporting "limited background checks" and not complete background checks. Granger replied, "A background check to save one kid is better than zero!"

Granger’s prior week on The View seemed less explosive than this week, but she also came up against the mostly-liberal panel about various issues affecting the country, including gun prices, gun violence, and more.

Watch a clip below: