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The warm up: What happens when a rising rapper collaborates with the dopest brand of the diaspora

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Devy Stonez is a Shreveport, Louisiana-bred and Dallas-raised rapper who you need to take note of. Although he’s come a long way from banging on pots and pans in the kitchen, the creative is steadily on the rise, pushing himself to reach farther and work harder with each new project. It’s only fitting that Stonez would team up with MIZIZI, a black-owned brand that creates fashion that speaks to something deeper — our roots and culture. This month, the two are releasing an exclusive warm-up jacket, aptly titled the “Devy Stonez Warm-Up Jacket by MIZIZI.”

Photo: Devy Stonez

The jacket is designed to be a game-changing addition for anyone who wants to represent Africa and feel dope doing it this season. ”It’s something different from our usual jerseys, and something that anyone can wear this winter,” says Paakow Essandoh, creator of MIZIZI, “We wanted to shake the game up one last time before bringing in the new year.” 

If you’re looking for a way to display your pride in your culture, community and history, MIZIZI has you covered. With gear representing every country in the African Diaspora, their products truly stand out and bridge the gap between looking dope and being authentic to the wearer. And the Devy Stonez Warm-Up Jacket is no different — boldly display “STONEZ” on your sleeve and “MIZIZI” on your chest in whichever colorway most speaks to your aesthetic.

Photo: Danny Cainco, Dallas artist affiliated with Always First (Devy Stonez' brand)

MIZIZI highlights quality and authenticity in its projects, just as Stonez brought his A-game to his latest release, the EP Rolling Stonez. It only makes sense for the two to team up for this release, as both radiate confidence, embody originality and simultaneously still look to push the culture forward.

Devy Stonez originally got his start in a local youth arts collective called BLACKTAG, where he got to perform with major names, including Migos and Big Sean. He’s since left the group and released two solo EPs that cover a little of everything — his personal life, how he’s grown and what lessons he’s learned along the way.

His dedication to not only being a rapper but a creative speaks to the holistic individuality and strength of Stonez as an artist. He’s got a determination and focus on telling his truth that is perfectly in sync with a brand centered on representation, creativity and community like MIZIZI.

Credit: Videographer — Ugochukwu Onwuzurike // Model — Shahd Batal.

From Dec. 18 - 26, the Devy Stonez Warm-Up Jacket by MIZIZI will be available for pre-order in three different styles, blue and white, pink and white, and the original black and red. Grab yours here.

This post is sponsored by MIZIZI.

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