There's a new wrinkle to the ongoing national anthem protests dominating discussions around the NFL.

Artist Trey Wilder of Arlington, Texas, painted a new Dallas-based mural portraying the Cowboys' young rising quarterback, Dak Prescott, as Chris from the hit 2017 horror film Get Outreports the Dallas News. 

At this point, everyone should be familiar with the "sunken place" scene from the film. We see our hero slowly fall into a deep trance visualized as a dark, never-ending void. The "sunken place" has become common terminology for a person who seems not to understand racial dynamics in America. 

Blavity reported Prescott has come under fire for his statements supporting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' decision to make players stand during the anthem.  

"Honestly, I just think it's the whole idea of everything going on: the NFL, police protests," Wilder told Dallas News. "This is something that is seriously going on everywhere."

For two years, the NFL has been engulfed in a debate about how to handle the protests against injustices started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"I respect what all those guys believe in," Prescott said in late July during training camp. "If they believe it's going to make a change and it's going to make a difference, then power to them. But for me, I believe in doing something, action. It's not about taking a knee. It's not necessarily about standing. We can find a different place to make our country better."

Wilder believes Prescott is a little lost in his thinking regarding this subject. 

"I was just thinking about some of the scenes in the movie where the guy was hypnotized, and that's what I believed [Prescott's] remarks seemed like," Wilder said.

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