The Refugee Code Academy is about to create an avenue in the tech world that deserves every bit of attention.

In a letter published on the Oxford Journal website Interruptions early February, the organization addressed readers with a phenomenal announcement: their initiative to build coding schools within refugee camps. "We aim to transform social innovation into refugee integration by focusing on three main aspects: utilizing technology for new solutions, focusing on those refugees who don’t make headlines, and treating humanity as a basic right." Seriously, how amazing is that?

The idea came about in response to the ever-growing refugee criss in developing countries, specifically in Tanzania. The Academy gathered all their resources to expose the issue on a wider scale. Not only did they want to raise awareness about the crisis but they also strive to create various avenues of success for members of this community with opportunities in the growing tech industry. 

"We were born from the idea that education can change a life," the Refugee Code Academy said in the letter. "Two years ago, our team was scattered around the world, witnessing first hand the impact of the global refugee crisis. International media followed the crisis closely, but not holistically, and we noted the lack of coverage on the African continent." The plan is to create classrooms designed to educate the students on software coding, applications and digital media.

The empowering business plan will take some time to officially start but the honorable efforts being made already are worthy of praise.

Photo: Giphy