His native state of Georgia honored T.I. for the outstanding influence he's had on his community throughout the years.

On Friday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported T.I., born Clifford Harris, was honored at the Georgia Capitol for his philanthropy.

The Paper Trail artist was heralded for his founding of the nonprofits Harris Community Works and For the Love of Our Fathers. Respectively, the organizations focus on encouraging and steering disadvantaged children toward better opportunities and assists persons who have Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Atlanta native has been instrumentally involved in local community events from hosting turkey drives, speaking at schools and prisons to donating time and money to natural disasters, student organizations and more.

Democratic Georgia Senator Donzella James sponsored the resolution to honor Tip.

T.I. has been a visible activist since the 2014 protests of the killing of Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Assisting in organizing and protesting nationwide, the "Dead and Gone" rapper has been vocal about his stances on everything from police brutality to gun and drug laws in America. As Blavity previously reported, T.I. also led demonstrations last year against Houston's restaurant after one of the company's Atlanta franchises was accused of discriminating against Black customers.

Additionally, just last week, a clip of the king of the South scolding a young Black man for wearing Gucci went viral.

T.I. and a slew of activists called for a boycott of the brand after the company displayed a Sambo-like turtleneck for sale. 

Keep fighting the good fight, Tip. 

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