Bill Cosby comes to TV Land with his latest stand-up special, Bill Cosby: Far From Finished, tonight, Sunday, December 1st at 10pm ET/PT

The special marks Cosby’s first full-length stand up program in over three decades. In typical Cosby form, he gives his hilarious point of view on topics he knows well, such as relationships, marriage and of course, children.

To get fans excited for this highly anticipated event, TV Land has been airing a marathon of The Cosby Show today, featuring Cosby’s own top ten favorite episodes.

The marathon kicked off at 5pm with a Thanksgiving episode, titled “Cliff’s Wet Adventure,” where Denise impulsively invites Martin’s ex-wife Paula to join Thanksgiving dinner, while Cliff finishes the family’s grocery shopping in the pouring rain. Other episodes include more Cosby favorites such as “There Is Still No Joy in Mudville,” “Denise’s Decision,” “The March,” “Off to the Races,” “Say Hello to a Good Buy,” “A Touch of Wonder,” “The Juicer,” and “Pilot.” 

The marathon will close with “Happy Anniversary,” which features the classic lip-sync rendition of Ray Charles’ Night Time Is the Right Time, featuring the whole Huxtable family.

The special, which first aired on Comedy Central last past weekend, was filmed at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles this summer with Robert Townsend directing.