How This Thoughtless Campaign Is Bringing Tory Burch Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

We have so many questions.

Photo Credit: Photo: Tory Burch

| March 23 2017,

7:02 pm

Tory Burch launched the campaign for her Summer '17 collection early Wednesday. Yet, the colorful patterns were overshadowed by claims that the retailer was being culturally insensitive, Teen Vogue reports.

In the video for the campaign, three models dance to the viral hit, Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion Beatz's "JuJu On Dat Beat," while clothed the designer's latest. Rhythm wasn't the only thing lacking in this 30-second clip; most notably absent were women of color. That prompted many to call the brand out for what they deemed cultural appropriation. And really, it does seem a bit questionable that a dance given life primarily by young, carefree black men and women is featured in a campaign like this. 

Another eyebrow-raising feature is the monkey sitting between two models in a scene filmed inside a car. I mean, do we really have to explain why folks are a little jilted over this?

Tory Burch joins a growing list of brands that continuously keep their hand in black culture without including those who make our culture flourish: us. Remember Marc Jacobs' hiccup during Fashion Week (and his insincere "apology")? An apology was issued by Tory Burch but has since been deleted.

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