The ability to read a room is an understated virtue.

On Friday, Tory Lanez, who made headlines this summer for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion, dedicated an entire album to refute the claims and question the validity of the allegations.

The same week the Houston native was named one of the most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine, Lanez attempted to desecrate her credibility with searing accusations of her being a lying, jealous and scorned lover. Filled to the brim with 17 songs reeking of misogynoir and mediocrity, Lanez decided to release the lowly-anticipated project a day after it was announced Breonna Taylor’s killers would not face charges for her death. The publicity stunt isn’t just tone-deaf, it’s deplorable and scornful.

When it was announced that Taylor’s assailants would be reprieved of consequences for her slaying, organizers around the country immediately went into action. Demonstrations were held to protest this blatant disregard for Black women’s lives but Tory Lamez had the brilliant idea to humiliate the legacy of Taylor and Black women, period, even more through his latest musical project. Instead of using his platform to help organize on Taylor’s behalf or hold the murderous policemen accountable, he wanted to prove that he can disrespect Black women just as much as a white man can by victim-shaming Megan.

In a deplorably narcissistic fashion, he found a way to center the pain and sorrow of Black women on him and his fledgling career to make a few coins, proving that Black women are commodified but not valued. It shouldn’t be lost upon us that this album dropped a few days after Houston’s Hot Girl Coach was included on TIME Magazine’s list of 100 influential people.

If there’s anyone who holds major influence these days, it's Megan. Not only is she a forceful presence on and off the stage, she uses her platform to bring awareness to issues that affect the Black community and has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. The TIME honor came as no surprise as the young star has been able to weather through her fair share of storms from losing her mother to allegedly being shot in both of her feet by Lanez.

The "Savage" rapper wasn’t able to enjoy this moment for a full week before Lanez decided to attach himself to her coattails and steal some of her spotlight. Lanez could have used his platform to honor a slain Black woman. Instead, he attempted to delegitimize and bully a talented Black woman to advance his career. Lanez does not support Black women and as such, does not support Black people.

We’ve all heard time and time again from our mothers, grandmothers and other elders that “skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

We usually think of people like Stacey Dash or Daniel Cameron when hearing this phrase but this applies to Lanez, as well. There are an incredulously large number of Black folks who still believe Black power can be achieved by elevating the plight of the Black man all the while subverting the Black woman. Such a notion is impossible.True Black liberation is achieved when all Black people are liberated. When Lanez decided to accuse Megan of lying about being shot, he proved then and there that he is not a supporter of Black women.

When someone uses their platform in hopes of humiliating Black women, the only liberation that they’re concerned about is that of their bank account because Black women’s trauma sells more than his music ever could.

Lanez does not support Black women and as such, does not support Black people.

There are a multitude of ways this oppressor could’ve used his platform but he decided to make a feeble attempt to crush Black women. Lanez could’ve used his massive fanbase to organize people, digitally and physically, to advocate for justice for Taylor.

He could’ve created an album filled with inspiring tracks to motivate the Black community in the wake of the widespread frustration and fatigue over racial injustice. Dedicating an entire album to victim shaming a Black woman just solidifies his inability to release viable content without Black women’s contributions, like most of the world. It also tells us that he wasn’t satisfied in his attempt to cripple her physically, his attempt to do it professionally and emotionally is symbolic of not only his toxicity but the world’s treatment of Black women.