Trump may have made the term "fake news" famous and attacked everyone he claims is guilty of publishing alternative facts, but during his first two years in office, the president has become known for telling stories.

Days after a former employee alleged Trump told him Black people were "too stupid" to vote for him, the president took to Twitter to boast about how much Black folks love him. The 45th president even claimed he has a "record" high Black approval rating, citing a Fox News poll that shows he has a 40 percent approval rating among African Americans.

The problem with this claim, as Rolling Stone reports, is that no such Fox News poll exists.

Politico reports it is likely the president read an op-ed column by Deroy Murdock posted to Fox News and got confused. The editorial cites a recent and controversial Rasmussen Report poll which did find Trump has a 40 percent approval among Black voters. However, as The Washington Post reports, pollsters and analysts have criticized Rasmussen's polling, finding the methodology lacking. All other significant polls put Trump's Black support around 15—17 percent.

Rasmussen is sticking by its numbers:

Fox News tried to clear up the president's faux pas in a statement. “He is referencing a Rasmussen poll,” a Fox News spokesperson told Talking Points Memo, in regards to Trump's claim. 

The Washington Post recently conducted an analysis that found President Trump made 6,420 "false or misleading claims" between his swearing in and October 30, his 649th day in office. The authors also discovered the president is accelerating the pace at which he metes alternative facts, finding in the seven weeks leading to 2018's midterms, Trump publicly told 30 lies to the American people per day.