Ts Madison and Shekinah Jo take on the hot topic of “open relationships,” polygamy, and polyamory in this latest episode of Blavity‘s Asking For A Friend.

When talking about marriage, Shekinah Jo said that her belief is that “you’re single ’till you’re married.”

“This world that we’re living in is so crazy and wishy-washy,” she said. “…I’m faithful…I’m not gonna cheat. What am I cheating for?…I’m in a relationship because I want love, but I want the same love that I’m giving.”

Madison had a different perspective, saying, “I personally think that people are in a lot of open relationships right now because they’re partner can not commit to monogamy. And being that the partner can’t commit to monogamy, it makes it so difficult for the [other] person.”

Madison also talked to educator, author and speaker Alex Porter, who speaks on poly relationships and is himself the husband to two wives.

“We practice polyfidelity,” he said. “I know [when] everybody [thinks] of poly, they think that all non-monogamous relationships are open, [but] some of them are closed situations, so think about it being monogamy plus one or monogamy plus two. You still have those certain beliefs to keeping your structure closed and practicing polyfidelity and keeping the relationship among the people that are in it.”

“Non-monogamy is all about consensual and ethical agreements on how you want to structure that relationship,” he added.

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