Ts Madison is taking on friendships, friend-zoning and when to “cut that b-tch off” in the latest episode of Blavity’s Asking For A Friend.

When talking with her longtime friend Shekinah Jo, Madison said that Shekinah showed true friendship when she supported Madison even before they began being friends.

“People will tell you that they’re your friend in your face, and do a lot of s**t behind your back. But the gag is, before we even met, you were putting my name in rooms that I hadn’t even set foot in,” said Madison to Shekinah.

Madison referenced back to when she was still friends with Khia, during their Queens Court days. Madison said that Shekinah called her up to tell her about how she loved Madison’s energy.

“I don’t know who gave you my number but you got my number…and you called me and you said, ‘Madison, let me tell you something–I love you b***h and I want to let you know I love you,'” Madison said. “I love you because I see your spirit, you got a good spirit about you. And I’ve been telling people [about you]. I couldn’t understand how these people from VH1 messaging me?…When you told me, it clicked right then.”

“Real friends show up for you when you not there,” Madison continued. “That’s the testimony of real friends.”

Watch the full episode below.