TSA Agents Have Been Playing Dirty Versions Of Rap Songs In JFK Airport Because That's Just Where They're At Right Now

We so get it.

Photo Credit: Twitter

| January 16 2019,

00:48 am

The longest-running government shutdown has led to a hike in TSA agents calling out of work due to a lack of checks, and airports are subsequently experiencing longer security lines, People reports. But at New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport, at the very least, the music is lit. 

Multiple passengers boarding flights at JFK Airport have tweeted about hearing uncensored versions of rap music over the loudspeakers, including Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” and Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself.”

But on the eve of New Year's Eve is when the musical selections got really real:

According to Business Insider, TSA agents control which music is played in specific terminals, and it’s clear somebody was making the best out of an unpaid situation. 

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