nullIt debuted last week Wednesday night, August 5, but, as I said in a previous post, I didn’t see much social media activity around it during its broadcast, and wondered how many of you were actually watching. So it’s good to finally get the numbers directly from TV One today.

The network announced that the premiere night of its newest scripted comedy "Born Again Virgin" scored a total of 1.4 Million "unique Viewers" – P2+ (people aged 2 or more who watched) and Live +3 (people who watched live, as well as those who watched via DVR within 3 days of the actual air date). 

So, essentially, the 1.4 million does not represent live viewers only. The press release from TV One doesn’t break down the number further. But such is the nature of TV ratings reporting these days – a little obfuscation won’t hurt anyone. Although the ratings game is simply trying to adjust to the ever-changing times with regards to how consumers consume content.

The premiere episode at 10PM/ET ranked #4 among key Black demos in its time period. Additionally, TV One ranked among Ad-supported Cable’s Top 5 networks during the 10PM hour among Blacks.

"Born Again Virgin" follows the dating lives of three 30-something best friends – Jenna (played by Danielle Nicolet), a writer who decides to become celibate after a stream of unsuccessful dates and hook-ups leave her wanting more meaningful relationships; and her girlfriends, Kelly (Meagan Holder), a successful publicist with a trail of bad relationships, and Tara (Eva Marcille), a budding actress who lives a celebrity-inspired lifestyle. 

Joining then is Donovan (Durrell "Tank" Babbs), their "hot neighbor" who tempts Jenna’s celibacy vow. Each week, the ladies will work through their dating woes, career challenges, and friendship.

The series was created by Ranada Shepard, and is produced by Swirl Films.

Did you watch the premiere? If so, thoughts? And if not, you watch it in full below: