Yesterday, Twitter’s satire was on 100 when users mockingly tweeted like women who shame other women in order to get attention from men. Of course, the results were hilarious.

1. The “This is why you don’t have a ring” pick-me

2. The “If he cheats it’s your fault” pick-me

3. The “Ride or die” pick-me

4. The “Keep this on the low-low” pick-me

5. The “Everyone makes mistakes” pick-me

6. The “I’m a homebody” pick-me

7. The “I don’t mind being neglected” pick me

8. The “Your man’s needs come first” pick me

10. The “I don’t mind being subordinate” pick- me

11. The “As long as he comes home to me” pick me

12. The “I don’t need a rich man” pick- me

13. The “My girl got two jobs” pick me

14. The “Clubs are for thots” pick me

15. The “Superwoman” pick me

16. The “Old fashioned” pick me

17. The “Modesty is the best policy” pick me

18. The “Real queens” pick me

19. The “Build your man up, don’t break him down” pick me

20. The “Slut-shaming” pick me

21. The “I cook for my mans” pick me

Remember ladies!

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

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