It's the week before Thanksgiving, and these hilarious tweeters are definitely on our list of things for which we are thankful. 

Activist and author DeRay Mckesson is never seen without his bright blue vest. He wears it everywhere, no matter how formal the occasion. That is why when a picture of the activist without it began making the rounds this week, everyone lost their minds:

One thing Twitter adores is a good #WeMetOnTwitter love story. Subverting that love was this Twitter user:


When it comes to telling stories, Quentin Tarantino is known for not being able to stop himself from working the word "n****r" into his films. It's so widely known that someone decided to summarize what the casting process for his movies must now be like:

Is it just us, or does getting more sleep change absolutely nothing when you're a busy bee?


Our mamas, aunties and everyone in between must have told us "Jesus paid it all!" a million times. This got one Twitter user wondering if Jesus paid it all, where is he at the cash register?

Spirit Airlines' reputation precedes it. Travel Noire tried to persuade everyone that there are some good things about the low-cost airline, but it seems some have yet to be convinced:


Might it be an unwritten law of physics that when one person starts running, everyone starts running?

Speaking of the mysteries of science, we may have finally discovered how racism continues to thrive.

In a week in which President Trump managed to skip out on opportunities to honor the troops due to rain, some wonder what happened to all of his "respect the flag" patriotic rhetoric:


Migos appeared on James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke," and Takeoff managed to become a meme (once again):

While we're on the subject of artists, we are pleased to report the source of Kanye's bizarre dancing has uncovered:


Last, but certainly not least: remember that incredibly expensive Idris Elba doll folks were dragging for looking nothing like the actor? Well, Idris saw it, too and won the internet with his simple response. We stan a Black star who has a sense of humor. 


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