Spades is a tried-and-true pastime in the black community, so much so that it can be hard for people to believe there are black Americans out there that don't know how to play.

But they exist, and often keep their lack of knowledge a closely guarded secret, lest they hear that dreaded question: "You don't know how to play spades?," asked in a tone that suggests they've just shamed all the ancestors. 

Folks on Twitter put in work trying to figure out just what is behind this phenomenon, with some brave souls even admitting publicly on the internet they do not know how to play the card game.

It all started with a tweet from Tuskegee's very own @Amazing_Amarass:

Many users replied that they've experienced negative reactions to the revelation they don't know how to play spades firsthand:

A support group began to form in which people finally had a safe space to confess that they don't know how to play:

Some users replied that people hesitate to teach others how to play spades not because the game is hard, but because they don't want to share their secret strategies for winning:

While other users found fault with their teachers' lack of patience:

Still others admitted that they don't teach anyone because they can't teach anyone. Why? Because they've forgotten how to play themselves:

With all that said, people began to ask for a good tutorial:

And at least one person wrote that they've just given up:

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