Tyler Perry made one elderly woman's dream come true when he gifted his friend and former employee LaShun Pace's mother with a brand new home. Bettie Pace's dying wish has always been to own a home that she can pass down to her family. Thanks to Perry, her family now has a permanent place to live. 

According to TMZ, LaShun worked with the creator in a stage play back in 1999. The two have remained friends throughout the years and when Perry heard of her mother's illness, he stepped up to fulfill her lifelong dream. He purchased a $350,000 Atlanta property close to where the Pace family was born and raised. 

“Tyler Perry, thank you son,” Bettie can be heard expressing her gratitude. “Thank you for the house. God bless you.”

Bettie was surrounded by family and friends as she cut the ribbon and crossed the threshold into her new home. 

“Now you see what happens when you just live right…and become Tyler Perry’s friend,” LaShun laughs at the end of the recording.

But this isn't his first time lending a hand this month. Earlier this month, Perry he announced his part in filing a wrongful death suit against a former Florida police officer. He also offered former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens a job following a viral post showing him working at a local Trader Joe's market.

We see you, Mr. Perry. 

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