Unfortunate for Michael Ealy who stars in the USA Network freshman drama series; although he's been active on the big screen front, especially this year, with 3 films he co-starred in, and one already booked for release in 2013.

USA Network has cancelled Common Law after just 1 single season.

Created by Cormac and Marianne Wibberly, Common Law followed two detectives in the LAPD who, despite their ability to close cases, cannot stand each other. To help keep the two together, their commanding officer orders the two detectives to see a couples therapist.

Michael Ealy starred as one of the 2 detectives, alongside Warren Kole.

The show’s first season averaged 2.1 million viewers; no horrible, but not great either. However, if you recall my post titled 10 Fascinating Statistics You Should Know As The New TV Season Gets Underway, you'll know that Friday night is indeed the "death slot" for new TV shows, which makes sense; it's Friday night, last day of the work week; happy hour(s); people go out, and stay out, and unwind, as opposed to any other day of the work week. So any new shows that are programmed for Friday nights are most likely sent there to die, whether fairly or not.