Method ManVH1’s next original movie “The Breaks” adds rapper/actor Method Man to the cast. He joins the cast as Darryl Van Puten, Sr, DeeVee’s (Mack Wilds) perennially irritated father. He is described as a stern, solid man who is unimpressed with DeeVee’s efforts to break into the music business. He believes his son needs to be treated with tough-love and give up this "rap thing" if he’s ever going to get his life together.

“The Breaks” will chronicle the journey of Nikki, David and DeeVee, 3 friends united by their love of hip-hop, as they work to make their big mark in the music industry. The film will take viewers back to the summer of 1990, in New York City, where the music industry’s artists and hustlers intersect in the dance clubs and the street corners of the still crime-ridden city. But they will all soon discover lives can be broken as fast as legends can be born.

Wood Harris, Mack (Tristan) Wilds, Afton Williamson, David Call and Antoine Harris were previously announced as leads in “The Breaks,” which is currently in production now and will premiere late Fall 2015.

“The Breaks” is written and directed by Seith Mann.

In addition to Seith Mann, Dan Charnas. Maggie Malina will also serve as executive producers. 

Darren Goldberg will executive produce for Atlantic Pictures. 

VH1 executive producers are Susan Levison and Bill Flanagan.