Purported singer Joy Villa is still out here doing the most.

A patient young man, only identified as Talor, explained the validity of the Black Lives Matter movement to the woman.

“Black Lives Matter, as a movement, is a positive thing and it’s doing good things in the world,” Talor began.

Villa is famous for wearing outrageous dresses on red carpets to promote her conservative values. She, of course, came out the gate spewing a bunch of nonsense.

“I think that it was started with good intention to bring more of a healing to the Black community,” she responded. “But what it misses is actually helping and enabling Black people to take charge and to not be victims.”

Villa went on to accuse Black Lives Matter of inciting violence and called it a “terrorist organization.” Talor wasn’t having it.

“I have seen violence enacted against the Black Lives Matter movement,” he shot back. “I’ve heard about people getting run over by white supremacists and neo-Nazis and s**t.”

She also accused activists of being angry and claimed Martin Luther King Jr. was not angry. Talor asked if she’d ever read King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” which consisted of King reading clergy for not supporting the movement.

“Anger gets s**t done,” Talor noted.

Villa went on to complain about Black-on-Black crime and accused people who have been killed by the police of being criminals. The pair never reached common ground, and Villa blamed it on Talor’s youth. Talor wasn’t too fond of her either.

“Joy is being Afro American but not identifying with the issues that are Afro American is a huge problem, and it’s one that is exploited by people in power because there are only so many Black people who are gonna sell out,” he concluded.

He also pushed back against the idea of anger being a negative aspect of the movement.

“People assume anger automatically invalidates an argument, and that’s not true,” he continued. “You can be angry and be right.”

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