Summer is gone. Fall is here. The time has finally come where it's time to exchange the post-grad celebrations, summer trips and bathing suits for fall wear and preparing for the holidays.

But, while you were out having so much fun enjoying freedom, blowing money and living life, one thing is missing. That one thing is a job.

Now that the seasons have shifted gears, it seems as if your grind has to as well. It's understandable that you didn’t take the job search as seriously as you should’ve during the summer, but now it’s time to snap back into reality and start the career you worked so hard in school for.

One hard part in shifting those gears is waiting for that job offer that you thought would be waiting for you after you walked across the stage. Surprisingly, you may think it's rare that it’s October and you don’t have a job. While some grads have already received job offers, there are still many waiting for that phone call.

According to, it takes college graduates an average of six months to find employment.

The scary thing about this whole process is the wait. With waiting comes idleness and unproductiveness which can ultimately lead to depression. A route we all don’t want to head towards.

Below are six ways to cope with being unemployed during your post-grad life.

1. Self-care

Self-care is essential during the job search. Keeping your sanity is vital during this time. During the process, you may tend to stay at home more than usual, which leads to losing focus on keeping yourself up. Make sure to keep up with your physical appearance and diet. Don’t forget to keep your hair done or get that haircut that you need. When you look better, you feel better. You can’t miss out on eating your fruits and veggies either. Sitting around eating junk food not only doesn’t help our physical state, but it also affects your mental state. Going to the gym to workout or running is always a good way to keep your body in tact as well.

2. Pick up a new hobby

Is there a new craft you always wanted to try or a hobby that you forgot about during college? Now is the perfect time to pick that back up. If you enjoy reading, start back reading books to keep exercising your brain. If you love instruments, start taking lessons again and practice. Learning a new language is a good hobby to take on too. There are so many languages that you could learn on your own such as Spanish, American Sign Language or French. This skill would also be good to put down on job applications.

3. Develop a schedule

While you are at home, you may think the only thing you could be doing is staying in the bed all day watching Netflix or Hulu.That is not the way to go. This can easily lead to not only depression, but laziness. Don’t stop your routine of getting up and starting your your day early. Your schedule can include times to prepare your meals, apply for jobs or to enjoy your new hobby. Include goals throughout your schedule of what you plan to accomplish for the day or the week. One goal can be applying to at least five jobs a week.

4. Get a part-time job

Humble yourself. I had to learn this the hard way. After months of sitting on my high horse, I realized I needed to get a part-time job to carry me through before I received an offer. The bills ain't going to pay themselves. It doesn’t hurt to get a job driving for Uber or Lyft, work in retail or work as a waiter. A part-time job will also keep you busy. Don’t be ashamed either. Trust me, there are a lot of recent grads doing this more than you may think.

5. Keep a good support system around and utilize your network

One benefit about attending college is building a network with faculty, mentors, staff and alumni. Looking for jobs is the time where you need these individuals more than ever. It’s never too late contact someone that you believe will get your foot in the door to start your career. They not only can provide the professional support you need, but also emotional support. I’m sure they have dealt with the post-grad journey struggle themselves. Also, it's already obvious that family and friends are always great to keep around to lift your spirits up. At this point in life, it’s very important to keep good vibes around you, and they will most definitely be there for you. That friend or family member will always be one phone call away.

6. Learn to be patient

Keep the faith, just know the wait is for a purpose. This is probably one of the most important steps through this whole process. While you're waiting, take the time to meditate, self-reflect and become more in-tune with who you are as a person. Although you are not physically working, this is the time to work on yourself internally. Being without a job can very well humble you and make you appreciate things that you may have took for granted, like spending time with your family or taking a walk in the park. Just know in the end you’ll come out stronger than ever before. So keep your head up and keep on grinding until you receive that job you worked so hard for. Most importantly, believe in yourself.