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I started 2020 full of excitement about establishing and announcing The Knowledge House’s (TKH) plans to expand our technical skills and training programs from our flagship location in the Bronx, New York, to across the United States to three major cities — Atlanta, Los Angeles and Newark.

Then COVID-19 arrived.

Then George Floyd was murdered.

Then national race-related uprisings took place.

Our Bronx community, including many of our students, was extremely affected by death, unemployment, ongoing systemic racism and, worst of all, violence. We saw applications for our fellowships more than double since the pandemic, and today 20% of all jobs in the country are jobs in tech. With this increased demand and opportunity, we came together and continued to serve our students and engage with our partners and donors.

This year we announced our plans to resume national scaling. Earlier this month, we started a virtual listening tour with our partners and associates, per city, to learn what Black and brown young people truly need to prosper and get across the great digital divide. 

Here’s what we learned: