Alleged ally Sam Whiteout got dragged on Twitter after he published an article about wokeness.

Whiteout, government name Sam White, first gained social media attention when videos of him strolling with his Kappa Alpha Psi frat brothers went viral. Many were impressed with a white boy being able to hit the shimmy, and he gained a large following.

White has used his notoriety to talk about social issues, namely racism and white privilege.

“Being white in a Black space demands a very self-reflective mindset,” he told The Daily Dot in February 2017. “The onus is on me to make sure I don’t disrespect the culture or the community at large, and part of that is the authenticity with which I approached Kappa.”

Whiteout's troubles began, however, when he complained about the commodification of being woke and blasted companies like Pepsi for co-opting social justice for profit in an article for the Kennedy School Journal of African American Public Policy.

“Today, being woke and doing good have become part of the pop culture and have certainly become a bit diluted in the process,” he wrote. “Specifically, wokeness has lost some of its connection to Black activism. However, as the link between wokeness and profit becomes more clear, we will face more and more attempts to capitalize off this trend without actually being woke or doing any good at all.”

After outlining the issue, Whiteout had some suggestions as to how to counter the corporate colonization of wokeness.

"Let’s celebrate folks doing good while making sure the conversation doesn’t end without turning that inspiration into momentum for more good to be done," he wrote. "And let’s be frank about the attempts to be woke that are too meager in their effort to warrant praise while making sure that conversation doesn’t take place in a contextual vacuum."

The piece also praised Drake's video for "God's Plan," Marvel's Black Panther and Ava DuVernay's work as examples of positive packaged wokeness. After Whiteout posted excerpts of the article on his Twitter page, it wasn’t long before Black Twitter snatched him by his bowtie.

Whiteout eventually followed up with an apology: 

"I am so sorry," he wrote. "My intentions … do not change the negative impact I have caused, and that is entirely my fault."

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