Whoopi Goldberg gave an apology on behalf of The View panel Wednesday after she, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and guest host Stephanie Grisham had a particularly rowdy debate over immigration.

Grisham, who claims to be working to help Trump supporters realize the errors of their ways after her awakening when she worked for the Trump Administration, said she’s seen the problems open borders create from her vantage point as an Arizona resident.

The state, which rests on the border of Mexico, supposedly has issues with crime due to criminals coming across the border, Grisham claims.

“I lived in Arizona. I saw these things,” she said according to Decider, adding that she’s seen some immigrants doing “unspeakable things to women” and alleges that some traffic fentanyl across the border.

Behar countered her on this, saying, “How many could you see? You’re one person.” But Grisham doubled down, adding that she believes China will also send fentanyl to America due to America’s opening borders.

"Why does this sound like Fox News?" Behar asked. Grisham responded (supposedly tongue-in-cheek), "Because I'm a Republican and I'm sorry about that!"

However, Grisham caught it from Goldberg and Hostin, who asked her why she was supportive of Ukranian refugees coming to America, but not non-white immigrants. Goldberg said, “Sometimes it sounds like we’re being very race-based but this is where we come from. If I see 17 people who are white that are welcomed in, I want you to welcome in brown people, too.”

Hostin and Behar took Grisham to task for suggesting brown immigrants are the only ones carrying drugs.

Hostin said that Grisham seemed to suggest that “the law is okay for some people but not okay for people that look like me.” Behar also added, “All this stuff about fentanyl being brought in, you don’t say it about Europeans.” Grisham claimed she didn’t because the Ukranians “are in the middle of a war.”

During the argument, Goldberg told the audience, "Before we continue, I feel it is important for me to allow the audience to know that today we are seated at a very crabby table. Crabby and cranky…This happens from time to time."

To which Behar added, “Like every day!”

However, the arguments the main panel were making to Grisham are apt. Double standards shouldn’t be set for one group of immigrants versus another, especially on the basis of race and xenophobia. Once again, the conservative voice taking up space on The View spreads dangerous rhetoric to viewers, potentially doing more harm than good.

Watch the clip below: