As the parent of a special needs child, my life has never been normal. Since walking out the hospital 19 years ago with my newborn, I knew my life would never be the same. I learned during my hospital stay that my daughter had severe to profound bilateral hearing loss. She was deaf. I made a pivotal decision that I would give her a good life despite our circumstances. As a single mother whose parents had just relocated thousands of miles away, it was not an easy task. I was also a sophomore undergrad and determined to finish college. Despite those circumstances, I was able to raise my special needs daughter alone while completing three academic degrees, including one from Yale.

Last month, I had the opportunity to speak at TEDx LACC. In line with the mission of TED, my idea worth spreading was simple: special needs families and people with special needs deserve to live a good life despite their circumstances. The speech was timely because as a society we are bombarded daily with a reality or a circumstance that makes our lives more challenging. As a result of my talk, I hope to change the perception that just because families with special needs children are living this reality, they still deserve a good life. 

What is a good life? A life full of good people, good experiences, and access to good healthcare.

The importance of living a good life reaches beyond one person or one family, this concept is important for families with typical children, those that are single or married and those who live in countries and nations across the world.

Check out my recent TEDx talk and learn more about why I think it is important to live a good life despite your circumstances.

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