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Giving engagement rings in some form have been a tradition for thousands of years. The first band containing a diamond appeared in 1477, but didn't really not catch on until around the 17–1800s. Since then, women have sought after them as a symbol of love — until now. Many modern couples are ditching the idea that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." So it's time to ask: why aren't millennials buying

In With The New

Younger couples are opting out of giving bands embedded with shiny clear rocks and starting new traditions. There are many reasons for this and at the top of the list is not wanting to buy mass-produced products. Unique and personalized rings are what couples are looking for, something that speaks only to them. Birthstones are among the most requested, followed by multicolored stones. Thus, making the commitment more personal and less pricey than diamonds.

Saving Is The New Spending

The price of the beautiful stones are chart toppers, but so is affording to eat. In most cases, the price of everyday living is skyrocketing, while the pay scale is remaining stagnant. This leads millennials to forego the large expense of a big rock in order to save for future purchases and expenses, such as cars, homes, children and retirement. In this case, it makes sense because popping the question and saying "yes" is actually planning for the next steps in life.

I Can Do It Alone

As time marches on more opportunities are opening up to all in every way, especially women. In decades past, a women’s choice was limited, making them dependent on a male counterpart. However, technology paired with equal opportunities are enabling sought after independence. These trends are giving the power of choice: to take the plunge, or stay single and enjoy everything out there?

Ditch The Band, Go Naked

Some new-age couples are even going naked, choosing to ditch the band completely. Why would someone choose to go this route? A band is an outward sign of commitment, serving to show the world you are taken. But true commitments are made between the two individuals. So, without the band, what would let others know you are engaged or even married? An easy answer is by simply telling others. This is a great way to build trust and show how much you care about one another.

Blood Diamonds

Have you ever heard the term blood diamond and wondered if they were red? Well, no they are not. Blood diamonds are mined by force, using humans against their will. This makes ridding bands of diamonds important, in order to save lives. '90s adults are more aware of this due to technology and are making informed decisions against it. This is an ethical reason for not choosing to purchase diamonds.

What About Our Home?

Earth is our home and we should care about what happens with it. However, mining for these minerals has a negative effect on her. One of the biggest is poisoning of waterways through toxic waste byproducts. This being said, even though most diamonds are man made, you can never be sure. Thus, millennials are caring for the earth one ring at a time.

Throughout this article we have looked into several reasons diamonds are being ditched. Some couples are opting for newer traditions of personalization for their rings. Others are choosing to save for major purchases that will come up after the wedding night. An even smaller percentage is choosing to live life on their own, while others are not creating bands at all. Ethical reasons such as people and earth are other reasons for going with a new thing. So, maybe you should consider joining many other millennials and letting the diamonds go.