This past weekend the hip-hop world collectively tried to cool off as Remy Ma’s “SheTHER” diss sent Nicki Minaj and the internet up in flames. Nothing short of an instant hip-hop classic and arguably a top five diss record of all time, "SheTHER", was a verbal tongue lashing that shed light on Minaj's alleged promiscuity, drug use, plastic surgery, disloyalty, and questionable pen game.  Many of the references in the musical kill-shot cannot be confirmed but speculation about the origins of Nicki’s famous derriere has persisted since her breakout mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, in '09.

Remy claims Nicki attained her trademark curves through back-alley butt injections and that it makes her a bad role model for young girls who are influenced to do the same.

 *Now here is where Remy gets an Angela Rye style side-eye* 

In a genre full of degrading images of black women and constant references to them as “b-tches” and “gold-diggers”, it seems Remy would have something to say about the profession she’s chosen before coming at Nicki as a role model, especially since she considers herself the queen.  

The elephant on wax is Remy’s violent past. The New York rapper served time for shooting at her best friend — not exactly "role model" behavior. If anything, it paints Remy as the glass figurine throwing stones in a glass house. 

Furthermore, Remy used Minaj’s support of her brother — who’s currently facing criminal charges for alleged sexual acts with an under aged girl — to shame her and highlight her immoral character is a low-blow beyond measure.What’s worse? Providing support to a criminal or being a convicted criminal yourself? Disregarding the stolen innocence of a young black girl? Or disregarding the life of a young black woman?

Remy’s attack is the result of hip-hop fans insatiable appetite for violent behavior and it's ignorance to the morals of the talent that drives it. Whether it’s pedophilia (R. Kelly) or murder (Gucci Mane). 

Remy Ma solidified her spot as a legendary emcee this weekend by annihilating Nicki over the instrumental Nas' used against Jay-Z with her lyrical wizardry.  However, she did not make a solid case for why she deserves our attention or support over Nicki especially since she pulls the "moral" card when talking top emcee.