Why Steve Harvey Couldn't Be Happier About That Infamous 2017 Oscars Best Picture Mishap

Harvey sings a sigh of relief

Steve Harvey
Photo Credit: Photo: Entertainment Tonight

| February 26 2018,

7:19 pm

Remember that epic "oops moment," during the 2017 Academy Awards, when La La Land was named Best Picture when the actual winner was, in fact, Moonlight? The snafu made its mark in pop culture and it is an incident that still haunts Academy Award winning director Barry Jenkins to this day. 

One person, however, who felt relieved during the mishap, happens to be actor-comedian Steve Harvey. You may remember that Harvey had his own "hiccup" when he crowned the wrong contestant during the 2015 Miss Universe telecast; the moment became a laughable meme instantly.

The Hollywood Reporter recently published a profile and oral history of the epic 2017 Oscar Award mistake, featuring those who lived to tell the tale; such as the awards telecast host Jimmy Kimmel and La La Land producer, Jordan Horowitz. Harvey also made a brief appearance and thanked the heavens because the Oscar blunder finally took the pressure and attention away from his own. 

“I was watching live and I probably knew what had happened before anybody else — ‘cause I saw the panic-stricken look on the producer’s face," Harvey said. "When [Horowitz] walked out there and snatched that card out of Warren’s hand, that’s when I knew redemption was mine. I was finally off the hook. Yeah, OK, I had to live that down: ‘Oh, how could he,’ ‘That’s a bonehead,’ ‘Nobody’s ever done that in the history of Miss Universe.’ But the Oscars is the biggest night in Hollywood, and when they did it, I lit a cigar and drank a glass of scotch and celebrated. I was free! Thank you, God!”

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