Black Panther's success has resulted in breakout characters such as Shuri, Okoye and M'Baku winning thousands of new fans. In M'Baku's case, the internet has crafted an entire viral challenge just for him: #MBakuChallenge. Winston Duke did his thing as M'Baku, and his portrayal certainly inspired many fans to impersonate him online. 

A young Florida boy named Jordan pretty much bodied the challenge, but there were some other favorite candidates as well! 

This dad, Pastor Barney Wiggins, is every dad when he's left alone with the kids. Shenanigans ensue:

You may have noticed his son, holding a Captain America shield at the end as T'Challa accepting the challenge. Wiggins addressed that:

"Some 'woke' person on Twitter asked me 'why did you have him hold Cap'n America's shield at the end of your clip?'" Wiggins posted on his Facebook page, according to "Simple … vibranium. And if Cap's shield is a symbol of America, and the foundational material of the shield is vibranium, then guess who America belongs to?"

This Jamaican version of M'Baku had us WEAK:

Homie also has the M'Baku goon call on point!

Another dad incorporated his adorable baby boy into his challenge. The baby boy is us, naturally. 

Folks really came through with the "technological advances" M'Baku monologue, though!

This guy's facial expressions make this art:

But wait, this dude took it to an entirely different level and turned the shopping mall  into his village:

A hearty M'Baku warrior cry to you all! Y'all did that!! 

Photo: GIPHY