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Black women have long had the responsibility and privilege of establishing exceptional careers, discoveries and achievements while also using their platforms to inspire the world to change in ways that make room for more of us to thrive. This Women’s History Month finds me both extremely grateful for the band of Black women that have laid the groundwork for the privileges that we enjoy today and enthusiastically optimistic about the future of our Black girls.

With the explosion of social media and women’s rights and Black livelihood still under threat, our agency — the capacity and autonomy for each one of us to think and take action to express our individual power — has taken on a more significant role in the conversation around success. In recent years, we have witnessed the ushering in of a new wave of Black women who are bold, brilliant and authentically themselves, proving that success is not measured solely by what we achieve as we integrate into institutions that were not designed for us but by how we own our uniqueness as a powerful value-add while doing so.

Here are 10 inspiring Black Women making history and uplifting our girls with their brilliance, inspiration and authenticity, inside and outside of their crafts: