Every day should be where women are appreciated, but March is different. It’s a month where the ladies are hyper-focused; it’s Women’s History Month! This month is an opportunity for women to be doused with great admiration and gratitude. The people who contribute to the uplifting of women this month are not limited to a specific demographic, nor is it restricted to people in any one place. This means college students can support women this month while living on campus. There are many ways college students can celebrate the accomplishments of women on campus. If you’re unfamiliar with some practical ways or want to start an on-campus women’s appreciation event, here are three ideas for consideration. 

Women’s History Month Film Screening

A film detailing women’s history could be a very effective tool to educate and bring attention to female victories throughout history. It’s also something doable; you could host this screening in the auditorium of your campus. And if not, you could get a projector and host it in an open space on campus so any passerby would be drawn in, and there would be enough space for all those who may want to attend. 

Marathons Or Intramural Game Fundraisers

It could be an event with fun activities inviting people in and bringing attention to a specific theme. You could connect this event to a charity or a particular initiative that impacts the wellness or progression of Black women. Find fun ways to engage students while helping make a difference in the community. You’ll find that through those experiences, you’ll create lasting memories with your friends too!

Host A Fireside Chat

You could find a lecture hall that’s not in use and share a series of conversations or fireside chats about women throughout history. The only expenses that’ll come into play here are the food costs. You may need a committee of interested students to help plan such an event. Otherwise, it can be affordable and nearby. It’s an excellent way to get people to discuss women, and it’s a good way to spread more of a desire to get involved in this month’s celebration. 

Although we should celebrate women’s strides every month, March isn’t the time to skimp on the admiration. So this month, in particular, is one where college students can set some time aside to dedicate to the women of today and yesteryear. Do you have any ideas for ways to celebrate this month? If so, what are they?