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I think you’ve figured it out by now — this is not normal.

The global pandemic, the economic depression, the murder hornets, the mega storms. A president in Donald Trump whose negligent and cruel handling of this emergency has shown a shocking disregard for human life. The frighteningly rapid erosion of the rules and traditions of our democracy. The ever-more-obvious support from this administration of white nationalist politics. I could go on. No really, I could go on for about 10 pages, but that wouldn’t tell you anything you don’t already know.

What may not be on your radar though is what’s coming this November. It is almost certain that Trump, staring at a probable defeat at the polls, will try to steal this election. But make no mistake: Trump does not hold the power here. We do. I’m not saying stopping him will be easy, but I am saying that when we stand together, rise up and make our collective voices heard, we have an incredible and beautiful power. Here’s what we need to do: