Kelis Rogers-Mora shot her way to fame following the success of her hit song “Milkshake.” And the “Bossy” singer recently made waves again after her spat with superstar Beyoncé went viral. 

When word got out about the release of Beyonce’s latest album Renaissance, fans were thrilled. But when the album finally dropped, one person didn’t share in that excitement.

In a series of social media posts, Kelis argued that Beyoncé used part of her hit single “Get Along with You” without asking. Part of the 2013 bop can be heard in the track, “Energy.”

Beyoncé refrained from responding, but as to be expected, things still got a little messy on social media. Later, Beyonce quietly removed the sample from the Renaissance track. And as a result, Kelis shared that she was satisfied with the decision.

Kelis topped the charts with her distinct sound and even more distinct style. She inspired a generation of fans and entertainers by staying true to herself. Kelis was that girl. And in case anyone forgot, she still is. Here are five times she understood the assignment: