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For most of us, gratitude is an infrequent term that gets thrown around from mid-November to late-December, only to be shoved under the rug for another year until social media tells us to be thankful again.

But for me, gratitude is the norm. And the act of showing recognition and appreciation for the people and opportunities that gave meaning in my life was instilled at a young age by my mother. I didn’t express gratitude because I had to. I did it, simply because it felt really great.

Taking a step back and acknowledging why a good moment happens in life adds more value to that moment and makes you realize how big of a role others play in your own happiness — whether it’s an employee, co-worker, significant other, parent, mentor or that random stranger who showed you genuine kindness for no specific reason. These people all deserve our gratitude. And you deserve to experience all of the positivity gratitude can bring into your life. Check out our five gratitude tips for a big boost of good feels in your life.