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Everyone looks forward to vacations, from small children to adults. I'm sure you remember the feeling of summer recess, or when you could hardly wait for the last bell of the day to ring. Now, as a working adult, it still feels much the same. Not only is getting away fun, but it's beneficial in more ways than you realize. If you feel guilty about taking time off, here are several reasons why going on vacation is good for your health and your soul.

1. Vacations Reduce Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life. It exists on many levels, both at the workplace and even at home. It's imperative to get away for as much time as permitted. Taking a vacation, near or far, allows you to remove yourself from the rigors of daily life and enjoy time without deadlines. It gives you the opportunity to abandon your cares and just savor the experience without being hurried or limited. This blissful relaxation is good for your mind and you’ll literally feel the stress dissipate.

2. A Chance to See the World

Besides healing your stress level, it's also healthy to travel and see other parts of the world. You probably have a dream list of countries you'd like to see. No matter how out-of-the-way your destination may be, you can find a way to see it, whether it's a safari, backpacking or setting sail on european cruise lines. If your destination is unfamiliar, you want to be sure to travel with experts that know the area well. This ensures your safety and maximizes your enjoyment.

3. Expand Your Knowledge of Food

If you're a lover of all things food, getting away on holiday can take that love to a whole new level. Traveling to a foreign country can give you a chance to try their cuisine that's likely to be much better in its native country. Even if you're taking a vacation within your own country or state, it's still a fabulous opportunity to try new restaurants as well as specialized local food and beverages.

4. It Gives You Something to Look Forward To

Knowing that you are going on a trip gives you a goal to work towards. Doing the actual planning can be half the fun. It's something that can be done with other family members. Picking out hotels, excursions and restaurants add to the excitement. Research the local customs of your destination and what types of clothing you'll need. Then, you can shop for some new clothes in anticipation. Having something to look forward to is important today when so much emphasis is placed on work.

5. Get in Touch With What's Important

So often life gets consumed with jobs, paying bills and responsibility. While that's all part of being an adult, people can get sidetracked from what's really important — taking time for yourself and the people you care about. Taking a leave creates time to have long, overdue conversations and can also rekindle a relationship. It gives you space away to be yourself, and to think about and reassess your goals.

6. Because You Have a Life Too

You give a lot of yourself to your job and your peers. Remember that you have your own life, too. You have dreams and things you hope to accomplish in life. Scheduled time off is the perfect opportunity to get working on some of those goals. Take that trip or check off that item from your bucket list. When it comes right down to it, you're responsible for your own happiness. Don't put off things for someday that may never come. Your dreams are just as important as anyone else's.

7. One Vacation Leads to Another

Unless someone is a staunch workaholics, there's probably no one that would have a bad thing to say about taking time away. Sure you'll have fun, but it's so much more. You'll be lowering your stress level, learning new things and spending some well-deserved time on what's really important. When you return from your vacation feeling refreshed, you can begin the process of planning your next one.