Update (June 19, 2019): After a huge turnout last year, Durag Fest returned for a second time on Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thousands showed out in their finest capes to enjoy the weather and get an early start on commemorating Juneteenth.

Last year nearly 1,500 people showed up to eat, drink, party and enjoy the arts at the festival, which has now been named the “Met Gala of Durags.”

“Growing up in Charlotte, we’ve had different Juneteenth festivals before, but Durag Fest was almost like a millennial version,” Alexandria Pitts told Q City Metro last week.

“I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced a festival in Charlotte like Durag Fest. We just want to have a good time and celebrate us being us.”

The festival was created by Dammit Wesley, Lica Mishelle and DJ Fannie Mae, three artists native to Charlotte. They were initially surprised by the turnout in the first year but prepared for it this time, laying out a schedule for attendees.

The day started at 11 a.m. with a four-hour brunch, followed by an art show, fashion show, Wave competition and musical performances. The night ended with a huge dance party.

“Durag Fest is an event where the people in attendance are just as important as the exhibition of the artwork that exists within the show itself," Wesley told WFAE Charlotte.

“This ia uniquely African American experience. Uniquely. Just more or less wave culture and durag culture is something that we invented, something that is uniquely us and something we should take pride in."

Original: Thousands showed out in their finest capes to enjoy the weather and get an early start on commemorating Juneteenth.

Durag culture is real. A$AP Ferg recently blessed folks with a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly tie a durag. Since rocking a durag is all about swag, folk can't be out here with an improper tie or fit; plus, the waves won't flow correctly.

While the masses were thanking A$AP Ferg for his service, Charlotte, North Carolina, was busy taking durag culture to an entirely different level. The city hosted an entire durag festival on June 15.

That's right — a durag fest. 

Durag Fest was created by Joseph Headen and was held at BLKMRKT, a black-owned art gallery. Activities included a fashion show, art displays and a wave contest. 

Nobody was excluded from the fun. Whether you were a man, woman or baby, everybody showed off their durag swag.  

How an unborn baby make it to #Duragfest and you didn’t? Tuh!!! pic.twitter.com/QyzED07BQi— Boyz N The Society™ (@HeadGraphix) June 16, 2018


It’s a protective style ???? #DuragFest pic.twitter.com/c1kgTZihsd— rahiem ☀️ (@inrawetrust) June 17, 2018

My Durag for the night. RIP Ricky #DuragFest pic.twitter.com/lCmzR44Sqo— Boyz N The Society™ (@HeadGraphix) June 16, 2018

Very Nice #Duragfest pic.twitter.com/6DzOaQLCAp— C.A.N. (@eternallychanel) June 16, 2018

This highkey look like that one picture everybody granny/auntie got their house???????????? #DuragFest pic.twitter.com/qnB9wkKzA3— WYLE$ (@BoiMyles) June 16, 2018

#DuragFest is a gem ???? So much culture and creativity pic.twitter.com/9WpeFbn527— ocean ???? (@sholarinco) June 16, 2018

She won, though:

Wow, we love us.