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A Durag Fest Was Thrown In The South And It Was Bountifully Blacker Than You're Imagining

Let that cape proudly flap!

Durag culture is real. A$AP Ferg recently blessed folks with a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly tie a durag. Since rocking a durag is all about swag, folk can't be out here with an improperl tied or fit; plus, the waves won't flow correctly.

While the masses were thanking A$AP Ferg for his service, Charlotte, North Carolina, was busy taking durag culture to an entirely different level. The city hosted an entire durag festival on June 15.

That's right--a durag fest. 

Durag Fest was created by Joseph Headen and was held at BLKMRKT, a black-owned art gallery. Activities included a fashion show, art displays and a wave contest. 

Nobody was excluded from the fun. Whether you were a man, woman or baby, everybody showed off their durag swag.  

How an unborn baby make it to #Duragfest and you didn’t? Tuh!!! pic.twitter.com/QyzED07BQi— Boyz N The Society™ (@HeadGraphix) June 16, 2018


It’s a protective style 🎞 #DuragFest pic.twitter.com/c1kgTZihsd— rahiem ☀️ (@inrawetrust) June 17, 2018

My Durag for the night. RIP Ricky #DuragFest pic.twitter.com/lCmzR44Sqo— Boyz N The Society™ (@HeadGraphix) June 16, 2018

Very Nice #Duragfest pic.twitter.com/6DzOaQLCAp— C.A.N. (@eternallychanel) June 16, 2018

This highkey look like that one picture everybody granny/auntie got their house😂😂😂 #DuragFest pic.twitter.com/qnB9wkKzA3— WYLE$ (@BoiMyles) June 16, 2018

#DuragFest is a gem 💎 So much culture and creativity pic.twitter.com/9WpeFbn527— ocean 🌊 (@sholarinco) June 16, 2018

She won, though:

Wow, we love us. 

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